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Ninagawa Mika
Acid Bloom (2003)

Acid Bloom

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The stunning Acid Bloom series by Mika Ninagawa showcased in this book features luscious, lavish photographs of flowers, trees and bugs, sometimes macros, sometimes landscapes. Her unique use of saturated colours –beautifully printed here–, is very distinct from the artist’s style, also as seen in her other books “Liquid Dreams”, or “Sugar and Spice”. “For me, the process of photographing a flower is something more, something that goes beyond the flower. When I’m photographing well, I am always floating on another plane — a place between this world and the world beyond”.

84 pages, 34.5 × 25.2 cm. Published by Treville in 2003 (first edition). Hardcover with acetate cover. In Japanese & English. ISBN 4309905471. Condition: Slight discolouration on the cover due to sun exposure, light scratch marks on the acetate cover, inner pages are immaculate.