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Yoshiki Hishinuma
Clothes by Yoshiki Hishinuma (1986)

Clothes by Yoshiki Hishinuma

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The outstanding Clothes by Yoshiki Hishinuma. In the 1980s, after working at Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishinuma opened his own studio. When designing his eponymous line, he could not find the textile materials he envisioned. Rather than working with manufacturers, Hishinuma began experimenting with natural and chemical processes to alter the finish and form of textiles, producing uniquely shaped clothes especially using wind and air – called Kite Clothes and Air Clothes. This exceptional book unfolds the designer’s sumptuous works and is also incredibly produced: stunning prints with lavish colours, impactful full-bleed spreads, different paper materials, gatefolds, and even die-cut elements! Extremely rare.

206 pages, 26.4 × 30.4 cm. Published by Yobisha in 1986. Softcover with dustjacket and obi. Condition: Inner pages are in perfect condition, slight tear on the obi and discoloration on the cover.