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Issey Miyake
East Meets West (1978)

East Meets West

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Published in 1978, East Meets West immerses you into Issey Miyake’s world, and the contrast of his designs influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. With over 200 pages of full bleed colour plates featuring some of Issey Miyake’s colorful clothing, the book depicts the designer’s passion for design, culture, and authenticity. With contributions from Eiko Ishioka, Tadanori Yokoo, Kishin Shinoyama, Richard Avedon – and more!

216 pages, 25 × 36.3 cm. Published by Heibonsha in 1978. Softcover with French gatefolds. ISBN 978-978-4582620016. Condition: Good, light wear around the edges. Inside spreads are perfect.