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Issue №109 (1997)

Issue №109

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Fruits (also stylised as FRUiTS) emerged as a Japanese monthly street fashion magazine in 1997, founded by the Tokyo-born photographer Shoichi Aoki. Through FRUiTS, Shoichi Aoki captured and celebrated the diverse fashion expressions and subcultural nuances in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. The magazine primarily focused on individual styles that existed outside the mainstream fashion industry, as well as distinctive Japanese subcultures such as lolita and ganguro, and local interpretations of larger subcultures like punk and goth. Characterised by a straightforward layout, FRUiTS predominantly featured single full-page photographs, each accompanied by a short profile of the photographed person. 

80 pages, 18.6 × 25.9 cm. Softcover. In Japanese. Condition: Very good.