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Keizō Kitajima
Keizō Kitajima: 1975-1991 (2009)

Keizō Kitajima: 1975-1991

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Catalogue exhibition of Keizō Kitajima’s solo exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2009. It features Kitajima’s exploration of street photography from 1975 to 1991 in Koza, Tokyo, New York, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union. Known as a ‘noonday snapshooter’, Kitajima emerged as one of the pioneering and foremost artists to adopt the ‘are-bure-boke’ style (grainy, blurry, and deliberately out-of-focus). Starting from shooting black and white street scenes, his work then evolved into vividly saturated coloured portraits.

pages, 21 × 25.5 cm. Published by Sankei Shimbun in 2009. Softcover. In English and Japanese. Condition: Very good.