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Shūji Terayama
La Marie-Vison (1996)

La Marie-Vison

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Original pamphlet of Shūji Terayama's La Marie-Vison. It features the 1996 representation directed by Hans Peter Cloos. La Marie-Vision originated in 1969 when Terayama, who had staged only a few plays at the time, met the young actor Akihiro Miwa (now Akihiro Maruyama) – a key figure of the queer and transvestite scene in Japan – and was so charmed that he assigned him to a leading role in his new play. The text however only resulted from continuous collective improvisation, representing the practice of Terayama and his troupe Tenjō Sajiki. Also includes an interview with various members of the staff.

36 pages, 21 × 29.5 cm. Published in 1996. Softcover with dust jacket and obi. In Japanese, but includes the director’s translation in German. Condition: Good, minor signs of wear on the cover.