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Daidō Moriyama
Light & Shadow (2009)

Light & Shadow

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Beautiful reprint from the 1982 publication by Daidō Moriyama ‘Hikari to Kage’ – or ‘Light and Shadow’. Inside is a continuous flow of full-page black and white photographic reproductions in Moriyama’s immediately recognisable style. A classic and influential photobook in the fantastic ‘bunko’ (or ‘bunkobon’) format, an affordable and space-saving paperback book that usually comes with a dust-jacket and also commonly used for mangas.

Unpaginated (208 pages counted), 113 × 180 cm. Published in 2009 by Kodansha, 6th edition (1st from 1982). Softcover with dust jacket and obi. In Japanese and English. Condition: Perfect.