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Jūzō Itami
Minbo (1992)


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Original Japanese movie pamphlet of Minbo (also known as Minbo: the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion, The Gangster's Moll, and The Anti-Extortion Woman) by Jūzō Itami. Minbo is a satire about the yakuza, who six days after the movie opening, retaliated for their portrayal in the film by assaulting the director. Almost conceived as a small book, this movie pamphlet features great imagery from the film and on-set, texts about the cast, and interview with the director. The movie poster was art directed by Kenichi Samura, who worked on many other Itami’s films.

24 pages, 22.8 × 30 cm, Published in 1992. Softcover. In Japanese. Condition: Overall very good, light stains on the centerfold.