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Daidō Moriyama & Shūji Terayama
Nippon Gekijō Shashinchō (A Photo Theater) (1995)

Nippon Gekijō Shashinchō (A Photo Theater)

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Originally published in 1968 –year also coinciding with the launch of Provoke magazine– this revised edition of Nippon Gekijō Shashinchō (A Photo Theater) from 1995 by Shinchosha features his signature imagery from the early Provoke period, emerging as one of the pioneering artists to adopt the ‘are-bure-boke’ style (grainy, blurry, and deliberately out-of-focus). This publication also includes Moriyama’s series of a traveling theatre group, shots of dwarf show dancers, strip clubs, street performers, fetuses in formaldehyde containers, and other motifs. With texts from the writer Shūji Terayama

Unpaginated (216 pages), 15 × 19.9 cm. Published by Shinchosha (Photo Musée) in 1995, first revised edition (originally published in 1968). Softcover with dustjacket and pink obi. In English and Japanese. ISBN4-10-602418-7 C0372. Condition: barely visible water traces on a few spreads (as shown on the images), one tear on the dust jacket. Besides that, good overall condition.