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Kōtarō Iizawa
Shutter and Love (1996)

Shutter and Love

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Edited by photo critic Kōtarō Iizawa, Shutter and Love: Girls are Dancin on in Tokyo features the works of 16 Japanese female photographers: Yurie Nagashima, Saori Tsuji, Masako Kobayashi, Mie Iizuka, Yasuko Shiratsuchi, Kohide Nakashima, Ayako Kaneko, Aiko Nakano, Yukari Ojima, Maya, Mariko Takahashi, Miwa Tozaki, Manako Okamoto, Kumi Oka, Aya Fujioka, and Mika Ninagawa. Shutter and Love was published in the midst of two fashions that have emerged in Tokyo in the 90s - snapshot photography and girly culture - and presents young female s quest to their own queendom and intimacy, taking ownership of women representation back from a male-dominated industry.

184 pages, 20.3 × 20.3 cm, Published by Studio Voice Books in 1996. Softcover with dust jacket. In English and Japanese. ISBN ‎978-4900785052. Condition: Very good, light wear on the dust jacket.