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Ninagawa Mika
Sugar and Spice (2010)

Sugar and Spice

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The first edition of Sugar and Spice was published in 2000 which encapsulated the mood of the late 90s in Japan. Over sixty (sometimes celebrity) portraits shot in dreamy, saturated and psychedelic colours, with subculture looks of the time. Sugar and Spice was published in the midst of two fashions that have emerged in Tokyo at the time - diaristic, snapshot photography and 'girly culture', sharing their vision and quest of their own queendom and intimacy, and taking ownership of women representation back from a male-dominated industry.

144 pages, 15.2 × 21 cm, Published by Kawade Shobō Shinsha in March 2010 (2nd edition). Softcover. In Japanese. Condition: Very good.