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Jūzō Itami
Tampopo (1985)


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Original Japanese pamphlet of the movie Tampopo, considered as the first ‘ramen Western’. In Tampopo, a resolute widow (Miyamoto Nobuko), who owns a failing roadside restaurant, conquers the highly competitive world of small noodle shops in Tokyo. Supported by a group of male sensei (teachers), she masters the art of crafting and selling the finest ramen. This pamphlet features movie stills as well as on-set images, texts about the film and cast contributions. To avoid “relying on Hollywood clichés", Jūzō Itami preferred using illustrations for most of his movie posters. The illustration on this one –here cover– was even drawn by himself!

28 pages, 21 × 29.5 cm. Published in 1985. Softcover. In Japanese. Condition: Very good.