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Bridge Magazine
Yellow Identity: White Washed? (Sept/Oct 1971)

Yellow Identity: White Washed?

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“Yellow Identity: White Washed?” by Bridge (Sept/Oct 1971 issue). Bridge was an Asian American bi-monthly magazine published by the Basement Workshop – “an independent, non-profit, cultural organisation of Chinese professionals and students on the East Coast”. Historically, the mainstream American press had spoken for the white majority, either ignoring the experiences of Asian Americans and other people of color or covering their neighborhoods and members disparagingly. Bridge was born from the need to an alternative Asian American press that could speak to a diverse array of perspectives and social issues.

46 pages, 20.4 × 26.4 cm. Issue Yellow Identity: White Washed? from Sept/Oct 1971. Published by Basement Workshop. In English. Condition: Good, signs of wear on the edges.